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Home FAQ

1. Can I try a SoundSet in my project before I license it? Absolutely! You can click on the "Request a Comp" button on any SoundSet product page. You can also get to the Comp form from the Contact link at the bottom of each page.

2. Do I have to report usage of your audio? Absolutely not. Our audio is royalty-free and can be used in any medium, whether in TV, radio, web or any other venue.

3. What does a non-exclusive license mean? A non-exclusive license means that we retain the right to license the same piece of music or SoundSet to other clients for use in other projects. No single individual, corporation or entity has exclusive or potentially exclusive use of the material.

4. Can any of your SoundSets be reserved for my exclusive use? If a SoundSet in our Library has not yet been licensed to anyone and you would like to have exclusive use of it, we can arrange that. Contact us for more info.

5. What will the outputted or published file size be over the web for the music that I'm licensing? When you are in the preview window of each SoundSet, click on Compression Chart or click here. Doing so will take you to an Adobe Acrobat document with a compression chart. If you have the Adobe Acrobat plug-in, the chart will open in your browser. If you do not have that plug-in, the document will be downloaded to your hard drive.

6. How is your music customizable? Click here to see an example. When you license any of our music or SoundSets from our ten genres, you are provided with the individual and separate component or instrument files that make up the musical composition, along with 2 pre-mixed versions of the music. For example, you may have a composition that uses bass, drums, sax, piano and organ. All of these instruments have been recorded, optimized and provided to you separately. With these files, you can score or arrange your own mix, either in a sound editing application or Flash. See this example for more info.

7. Once I license a SoundSet, how do I download the files? Once your credit card authorization goes through, you will see a link from which you can download the sound files. The link will generally remain active for 3 days. Make sure that you check the box that asks for our server to notify you via e-mail of the link during the checking out process. If you prefer to download the files at another time, within a period of 3 days, make sure that you have checked the aforementioned box in order to receive your confirmation e-mail.

8. What searching options do I have on your site? Using the Advanced Search, you can search by tempo, genre, price range or date posted. You can also search by keyword or description by entering descriptive words like happy, sensual, dramatic, etc. to find music that fits those descriptions.

9. Once I license a SoundSet, can I use it forever? Yes, but you cannot relicense or resell the material to another party. Remember also that any of our material has to be used as part of a project that has a larger scope than just our audio. Our material, then, cannot be the main feature of a project. For example, you cannot add lyrics to our music and sell that song as your material.

10. Can you help or make suggestions if I don't find exactly what I need? Of course, you can always give us a call at 1-800-554-6741 (USA) / 1-650-472-1107 (outside USA). Depending on your budget, we can either provide suggestions for a library SoundSet or for custom music.

11. I can't hear any of your samples or see your Intro, what is going on? The KILL THE SILENCE site uses Adobe Flash plug-in. You can download the plug-in here. Over 90% of all web surfers have the plug-in. Once you load the Flash plug-in you should be able to preview the SoundSets.

12. Can I create multiple profiles or memberships? Yes. You can create a separate membership and give access to it to your clients.

13. How secure is your site for ordering online? We do not process any credit card information through our site. All transactions are carried out on PayPal's web site.

14. What are the benefits of becoming a member? You become eligible for special offers and discounts that are not offered to non-members. You also will be able to request comps of the entire SoundSet, if applicable, with all of its component parts. As a recognized member, you can also request non-watermarked comps.

15. Do you have available a long or extended version of your SoundSets? Yes, we call these Extended Mixes and are up to 4 minutes in length. The same license terms apply for extended mixes as for our SoundSets. Contact us for more info.


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