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KILL THE SILENCE® Media Productions, or KTS for short, is a mobile phone content provider and producer creating a range of video clips, wallpapers and ringtones for placement in the global mobile market.

Our content is distributed on networks throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. Through direct and distributor relationships, our content has made its way into handsets worldwide via partners like Boom Bucket, FunMobility, Mobibase, Versaly Entertainment, Boost and others. We have produced original content for placement with large carriers like Sprint, AT&T, Rogers and others. We have aggregated and produced original content for mobile brands such as uClick and Boom Bucket.

Contact Us:

KILL THE SILENCE® Media Productions
2705 Webster Street, #5403
Berkeley, CA 94705
(650) 472-1107
AskUs [at] killthesilence [dot] com

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