KILL THE SILENCE® Media Productions, Inc.

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Home overview
Here are the products and services we provide:
  • Searchable online library of customizable music compositions and loops that can be previewed, licensed and downloaded in minutes. License an individual composition perfect for a specific project, or license all or part of the library at once. Our two main product types are SoundSets and Loop Compilations. More product detail here.
  • Creation and production of audio and visual content for wireless devices including 3G video and Adobe Flash Lite content.
  • Large selection of sound effects, downloadable or on CD.
  • Custom music and sound design.
  • Custom audio signatures for products, marketing campaigns, or corporate identity solutions.
  • Custom navigational sounds, audio cues and "ear-cons" for organizations that rely on audio environments to deliver their message.

Our Strengths

  • Quality: The quality of our music has become legendary in the world of production libraries and multimedia. Just listen.
  • Service and Support: We work with top-notch agencies, designers and corporations who keep coming back. Ask us for references!
  • Freedom and Efficiency: Whether you choose custom audio or audio from our Library, our method of providing the components of each composition allows you the freedom and creativity to handle audio in similar ways as you handle graphics. All of our sound files, created in our digital studio, loop seamlessly and are optimized for use in all media.
  • Royalty-Free: All of our audio, whether custom or from our Library, is licensable for any media and there are no on-going royalty fees.
  • Leadership: KILL THE SILENCE has been the leader for licensed audio online since its inception in 1999.
  • Cutting Edge: We not only have an interest in staying at the forefront of our industry but also in leading the way to new styles and genres in music and sound as well as new formats and platforms.

Our History

KILL THE SILENCE Media Productions was born in Silicon Valley in April 1999 at the height of the dot com boom. Our first project was to create music for the launch of the original balthaser web site. The overwhelming success of the project and response regarding the music positioned KILL THE SILENCE as a leading provider of music online. With the advent of online distribution and other new media, traditional licensing models had been breaking down. Such models provide static content with licensing fees based on medium, royalties and usage reporting. KILL THE SILENCE chose to be the first to deliver royalty-free, quality audio in building blocks, for any medium, optimized in a format that allows users to tailor the musical content to their productions.
In the aftermath of the dot com bust, when many of our clients, partners, and competitors have downsized or disappeared completely, KILL THE SILENCE continues to push forward, maturing and strengthening our products and alliances. Since its inception, KILL THE SILENCE has provided audio to many individuals and entities from freelancers to Fortune 500 companies. Our music, created by in-house and contract musicians, is currently used all over the globe... on the web, mobile phones, CD-ROMs, videos, television, product and trade show demos and countless other places.

KILL THE SILENCE continues to be the leader in audio content for new media, including the wireless and mobile market.

Our Mission: To be recognized by leading multimedia artists, designers and corporations as an indispensable partner that consistently delivers an integral part of their marketing, branding, design and identity solutions, online and offline. We create, produce and license world-class, original and customizable audio content composed and optimized for new media.

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